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Constance Ames

My name is Stephen Ames, I am the father of Constance Ames, and the ex of Dawn Englebright. Jamie Englebright raped my daughter. The following documents are but a small sample of what I will be uploading over the next few days.  A rape investigation was already performed by Children and Youth Services pertaining to Jamie Englebright and has been turned over to the Pennsylvania State Police. As usual, the police have not done much, just as at Penn State University and the Milton S. Hershey school, etc. My daughter has suffered major psychological damage: she can’t go to school, she has several hours of therapy each week, and she has been in and out of numerous institutions since she was raped by Jamie Englebright.  After investigating and indicating that she was raped and turning the case over to Pennsylvania State Police, Children and Youth Services have had Jamie Englebright (sex offender) listed in the child abuse registry, but he’s still out having a good time while my daughter suffers. Children and Youth Services can’t bring criminal charges, only civil, the police have to bring the criminal charges. Children and Youth Services investigated and indicated that Jamie Englebright raped my daughter, but the Pennsylvania State Police have just been pushing this aside for the last six months.  That the police will not investigate child rape is a widespread disease in Pennsylvania (see Senator Eichelberger’s video embedded below). I know this is hard to believe, but above every state police barracks today, the U.S. flag and Pennsylvania state flag are flying at halfmast to honor Joe Paterno, who, as everybody probably knows, was the football coach at Penn State that helped cover-up the raping of numerous children. I have also talked to numerous victims of rape, rape counselors, etc., and I have been told the same thing: here in Pennsylvania very few people care about rape victims and people defend rapists and those who cover up such defiling, despicable, abominable, unconscionable, and heinous crimes against women and children (Penn State for instance).

The video below is of John Eichelberger, a Senator here in Pennsylvania. The other video is a news story about the sex crime cover-up at the Milton Hershey School. If you find it difficult to believe what I have written, or the documents below, then hear–and really listen–to what Pennsylvania Senator Eichelberger has to say about the raping of children in Pennsylvania and how the Pennsylvania police will do nothing about the raping of children in Pennsylvania.  I’m putting this out to all those who are not aware of what is going on in Pennsylvania to be made aware, because if it’s  not going on where you live, it will be. Be sure to click on the news links to see some of the other things the Englebrights have done, including Charles Englebright, who scared a 76-year-old woman to death [Link]; and, Jamie Englebright, who also threatened to murder a teenage girl at the Central Dauphin School [Link] (the police did arrest Charles and Jamie for those two acts). Of course, the Englebrights and other perpetrators are running around free while the victims and their families suffer continuously every day. Please share this post will others.

Another Pennsylvania School’s Child Rape Cover-up

Pennsylvania State Police Do Not Investigate Child Rape. This bill was supposed to remedy the problem.

News story about Charles Englebright

News story about Jamie Englebright